angelfish breeders stoke on trent staffordshire

The pair above are my favourite pair of German blue Rams,they hate been separated when i first tried to breed them i took put the female into a conditioning tank and she wouldn't eat the male would stay in the bottom corner and not move,so i put them in a separate tank again, but with the two tanks next to each other so they could see each other.They were happier but were trying to get at each other so in the end i just put them in a tank together and left them to it and within three weeks i have egg's.

I use R/O water with Kent R/O right added to the correct amount,place an Angelfish breeding cone in on its side and they lay there egg's on the bottom of the cone,it takes 96 hours for the eggs to hatch and 72 hours before they are free swimming.

Feed the pair on live food brine shrimp,white worms,or daphnia give bloodworm a miss in my experience unless its frozen.the babies should be fed on micro worms and newly hatched brine shrimp