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Java Fern

Java Fern Overview

Java Fern is ideal for beginners, fish that are herbivores do not seem to eat it, Java Fern is an atractive plant and loog good in an aquarium.


Emersed along banks and rivers.

Native Range

Tropicla Asia

Maximum Height

12 inches (30cm)


Mideium lighting required


  • Temperature: 75-82F (24-28C)
    PH: Slightly Acidic to natural
  • Hardness: Soft to moderately hard.



Java Ferns grow slowley and can tolerate water low in nutients,The plants derive their nourishment from the water column and not the substrate, CO2 is not required but will help the growth rate.


Adventitious plants form on roots and leaves, Browned of leaves are experiencing sexual reproduction through spores and tiny new plants grow on the dead-looking leaves.


Java Fern colours do vary from plant to plant