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A good supply of oxygen is required so the larger surface are you have the better.
a air pump of a suitable size for you aquarium fitted with a good air stone making sure that the airline is not blocked or trapped,also a good filter i only use a filter that as a ventura pipe attached in a community tank as this agitates the water surface increasing oxygen levels.

If you are using tap water make sure to remove the chlorine this can be done by using a dechlorinater you can purchase of the accessories link.Make sure you are using a mature filter that is a filter that is full of beneficial bacteria a new filter sponge is not a good idea to use,again you can had products to help your filter of the accessories link. sponges in filters when need replacing should be done one at a time if you have a filter and the sponges are coming up to need replacing i change one then the next water change i change the other.

Temperature requirements 74 degrees to 78 degrees in a community tank just one thing to remember the higher the temperature the less oxygen is in the water so the amount of fish you keep is lower

Diet and Nutrition

I always feed angelfish on a good quality flake food and live brine shrimp never live blood worm as i find more parasites in with live blood worm so i use frozen blood worm they love it.if you can obtain white worm and get a culture growing then you are on the way to getting your fish into breeding condition without spending to much money

Breeding Angelfish

The quickest way to breed Angelfish is to buy a guaranteed proven pair,but remember why would some one wish to sell you there breeding pair I have bought a breeding pair before only to finding out i have two females.or a pair that will only lay fifty or so eggs,the best way is to buy between six and ten young Angelfish and grow them on

After a few months they will start to show signs of breeding like the dominant male will be protecting a female and attacking other fish the ovipositor will be showing on the is at this point you need to place them in a tank on there own,this should be set up in advance with a mature sponge filter,feed the pair on live brine shrimp or white worm or frozen food if you have no live food.

The temperature should be increased to 80 degrees and a breeding cone or a Amazon Sword plant should be added I use a spawning cone.The pair will clean up a space on the cone to lay there eggs when they are happy the female will lay her eggs on the cone and the male will follow and fertilise them it may go on for several hours,it is at this point you need to decide are you leaving the pair in with the eggs or hatching them artificially as the pair may eat the eggs if its the first time they have laid.had a anti fungus which can be obtained of the accessories link to prevent fungus,if you do decide to remove the parents then you must do the job of looking after the eggs,place a air stone so that it gently keeps the water moving around the eggs remove any white eggs carefully,after forty eight hours the eggs will begin to hatch and another two to three days depending on temperature the fry will be free swimming,you should feed the fry on micro worms for the first few days and have brine shrimp eggs ready for hatching.

The water quality for breeding as got to be soft and acidic. i use a R/O unit as this will remove all the bad elements etc out of the water,but you will need to had something back into the water to make it suitable for fish I use Kent R/O Right check out the price in the accessories link.

If you do not have access to a R/O unit don't worry as use can buy a water softening pillow check out the accessories link these are rechargeable and are a good way of lowering the hardness in the water.

Water in the fry tank should be changed every day this will keep the tank clean and also increase growth rate of the fry,I then transfer the fry to a larger rearing tank after two weeks so that they will grow evan quicker.

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