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Cabomba Carolinia

Cabomba Carolinia Overview

Green Cabomba is fast growing perennial stem plant that can need regular pruning becasue of its fast growth, it can soon take over the aquarium


Lakes, rivers, streams and ponds with slow flowing and evan stagnet waters.

Native Range

North and South America

Maximum Height

32+ inches (80cm)




  • Temperature: 70-76F (21-24C)
  • PH: acid to alkaline
  • Hardness: soft To hard


Micronutrients enhancce form and colour; CO2 not required



Cuttings will root when planted in substrate stem fragnents will produce new plants


This is a wonderfull background plant for starting new aquariums, where the fast growth is an asset. Green Cabomba's bright colour and delicate looking feathery leaves offer excellent contrast for other plants in the aquascape, it is a true aquatic plant that does not grow emersed, though flowers will poke above the water. Herbivourous fishes are quite fond of Cabomba leaves, goldfish will strip the leaves faster than they can grow back.