Fin Rot Symptoms & Treatment

fin rotFin Rot is a bacteria that attacks the fins and in extreme cases, the body. This bacteria is usually the result of environmental stress such as poor water quality, bullying, etc. Part of treating this illness is early detection. If left untreated, secondary infections can occur. Fin or tail rot can also be a secondary infection caused by stress from other diseases. There are many different ways that harmful bacteria can enter your aquarium, some fish at the pet store will look perfectly normal but harbor harmful bacteria that the fish has become immune to, and will release the bacteria through its feces in your tank. However, healthy fish will be able to fight off the bacteria with little trouble. If only a few fish infected, it is best to move them from the main tank, and place them in a bare hospital tank for treatment, but in most cases a hospital tank is not an accessible. Fish should never be given low dosages of medications over a long period of time, this could cause the bacteria to become immune to medications. Always follow the instructions on the bottle.
Symptoms: Rotting fins, loss of appetite, sluggish movements and laying on the tank bottom.

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