Velvet (Oodinium)

tropical fish diseases velvetVelvet is a parasite that is often confused as ich. The difference is, velvet is smaller and infects predominately the body and looks like a fine powder rather than salt sprinkles. Velvet attacks the body of the infected fish and is very contagious. Velvet is most likely caused by stress, poor water quality or chilling (sudden changes in water temperature). Velvet is a bit easier to cure than ich because the life cycle is shorter. However, this disease can prove fatal if left untreated.
Symptoms:Fish will dart around and flash or scrape its self against aquarium décor, appearance of fine yellowish or white dust on body, fins clamped and/or rapid gill fluctuation (breathing heavily).
Treatment:Increasing the temperature to 82°F and application of a commercial chemical treatment is most effective. It is also said that adding salt will aid the fish in its recovery as in ich.