White Spot (ich)

white spot (ich)This is a parasite called Ichthyophthirius and it can infect all kinds of fish and can be fatal if not treated,white spot can be identified by small white spots up to 3mm in size smaller spots that there are many of may be velvet disease.

Symptoms of white spot are at your fish will rub against objects because of the irritation,and then your fish will become lethargic and lie on the bottom of the tank.

The life of the white spot is spent living in the aquarium and then attaching itself to a passing fish while the parasite is free swimming seems to be the best time to kill them but i find that WS3 original formula will kill it within 24 hours.Also turn the temperature of the aquarium up to 80 degreas fahrenheight

poor water quality or putting an infected fish into the aquarium will be the main cause of the problem,so a water change is advisable also remove any carbon out of filters before beginning ant treatments as carbon will remove the treatment from the water.


Symptoms:Fish will flash or scrape its self against aquarium d├ęcor, appearance of small white cysts or "sprinkles of salt" on the body or fins, loss of appetite, rapid gill fluctuation (breathing heavily), exhaustion, isolation, fish may hang out near the surface or water return.
Treatment:There are many different treatments available for ich, just goto any fish/pet store. Many people believe that the addition of aquarium salt at the ratio of 1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water, to be very effective along with the commercial treatment, and upping the temperature to 82F.

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