Advanced active ingredients
Interpet scientists research and develop products utilising the latest
active ingredients for solving aquarium and fish health problems.
Easy to select
Meaningful product names and diagnostic diagrams and descriptions on
the pack.
Easy to use
Interpet Advanced Formula Aquarium treatments come complete with
a handy new easy dose measuring cup and pipette.
Each treatment contains a comprehensive guide to fish health to aid
consumer knowledge.
Guaranteed quality
Interpet enforces rigorous manufacturing practices. All fish medications
are manufactured to GMP as approved by the Veterinary Medicine
Directorate under the Small Animal Exemption Scheme (Nov 07).

The source water for all our manufacturing is passed through a
series of processing units prior to use in our factory.
Raw materials are quality controlled before use. Interpet scientists
use the latest high tech equipment to ensure all products meet
stringent quality control standards.
Research and Development scientists control all mixing of chemicals.
During every production run samples are taken for analysis by
Interpet scientists to ensure quality remains consistent.
Interpet scientists, for reference and long term study, store samples
of each production run.
The Interpet manufacturing line can produce up to 10,000 quality
assured aquarium treatments per day.

Anti White Spot Treatment

Liquisil General Tonic

A new formulation, two dose treatment, for the
eradication of freshwater white spot parasites,
(Ichthiopthirius).The new formulation uses the
Procellâ„¢ treatment enhancer that makes the
active ingredients more effective whilst
reducing stress on the fish.